Tiger Eye Roller

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This is an excellent crystal for repairing and soothing sensitive skin. Using this crystal roller daily on the mentioned facial points will make your skin firmer, heal skin disorders, add confidence to your personality and work wonders in creating a positive outlook in life. Tiger?s eye is a power crystal and helps to keep the solar plexus chakra and related organs (digestive system) balanced and healthy. It helps to replace emotions like fear, anxiety and anger with confidence, calm and improves personal will and mental abilities.


Handpicked by certified healer: Ms Sachira Bapat

6 in stock

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*Please note these are natural stones and we retain their natural texture so your order piece shall be slightly different. Each of the stones used are unique and may have some holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones but all pieces will be equally beautiful! YES these are treasures!

Dimensions 15 cm

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