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    • Amethyst Face Roller


      Using daily on facial points, amethyst face roller oxygenates the skin and moisturizes it. When used as an exfoliator, it easily removes dead skin and gives a natural skin glow and brightness. These amethyst face rollers will detoxify the skin, tighten pores and aid in cell regeneration. It improves the immune, respiratory and nervous systems and helps in creating hormonal balance. This crystal is associated with the throat and crown chakras. It facilitates creativity, self-expression and harmony.



    • Black Tourmaline Roller


      It helps in skin cell regeneration and makes the skin radiant. It also offers anti-aging effects and is an excellent exfoliator. It is excellent when used with face serums, moisturizers or other face products as it allows the ingredients to penetrate better in the skin, offering better after use skin effects. Black tourmaline is considered as an excellent talisman to ward off negative energy and acts as a protective shield.



    • Clear Quartz Roller


      It aids in minimizing skin dullness caused due to stress and pollution. It helps in cellular renewal and can also improve skin complexion. Regular use of this clear quartz roller used on the skin will stimulate blood circulation and restore skin energy and vitality. Known as the ?master crystal?, it removes energy blockages, stimulates the immune system and brings your body back in balance.



    • Dalmation Roller


      Regular use of the dalmation jasper will reduce skin puffiness, remove dark circles and face wrinkles. Using it on the facial points daily will stimulate the nerves and is beneficial for bones. It also gives relief with digestion issues and skin allergies. This Dalmation Jasper face roller will inspire you and bring joy and positivity. It will help in reducing anxiety and harmonizing emotions.



    • Jade Roller


      It offers great results in skin firming, sculpting facial muscles and face contouring. Jade rollers offer a brightening effect on the skin. They are warm on contact with the skin and helps in cleansing the pores. Using this face roller daily will boost your life force energy and avoid skin patchiness or flakiness. Jade is a powerful cleansing stone and using it daily on the mentioned facial points will eliminate body toxins and improve blood circulation.



    • Lapis Lazuli Roller


      Work wonders on sensitive skin and reduces redness and skin irritation. It works well for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin types. It is excellent for skin hydration. Using it daily on the facial points will also assist in relieving insomnia and anxiety. It boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure. Lapis lazuli helps you to take responsibility for your choices and helps to transform your mindset positively. It helps to open channels of communication.



    • Tiger Eye Roller


      This is an excellent crystal for repairing and soothing sensitive skin. Using this crystal roller daily on the mentioned facial points will make your skin firmer, heal skin disorders, add confidence to your personality and work wonders in creating a positive outlook in life. Tiger?s eye is a power crystal and helps to keep the solar plexus chakra and related organs (digestive system) balanced and healthy. It helps to replace emotions like fear, anxiety and anger with confidence, calm and improves personal will and mental abilities.


      Handpicked by certified healer: Ms Sachira Bapat

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